“My current focus is being a pioneer mother in the shift to child- and family-centered learning. We mostly lean towards ‘unschooling,’ with a heavy dose of worldschooling.

My photographic work at the moment is decidedly personal, as I explore this lifestyle with my children for the foreseeable future.

I’m available for interviews and collaboration in this area and you can reach by email.

Born in 1981 in Texas, USA, Hannah Pierce-Carlson left for the Arizonan-Sonoran desert to study Astronomy, and then later Geosciences, Geography, and Writing. In the grand scheme of things, she became an educator, ad hoc cultural geographer, and photographer. She spent a decade working and traveling in China, Korea, Taiwan, USA, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Hannah has used her camera to document cultural rabbit holes for over 15 years in a number of communities scattered across the Asian and North American continents.

You can view selections from her extensive body of work at gofeetgo.tv

Her camera accompanied her on foot and as a cyclist across East and Southeast Asia. She left Asia when she was pregnant and started over in her home country, this time with a family (plus dog) in the American Southwest.

She is now raising her two children outside the concept of schooling. It’s called unschooling; and it’s a life experiment she’s devoted to.

Hannah travels regionally and internationally with her children for many months out of the year. They home base in the hinterlands of the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont, USA.